Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tchau America, We’re Moving to Brazil!

GUESS WHAT! For those of you that do not know, Joe and I are moving to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil tomorrow!

I know, I know. This is how I feel about that :D :$ J :] :-O :D!

Adios Texas!

Houston, it’s been a good two years. Three careers later, I appreciate all the opportunities you’ve given me. From marketing, to teaching, to being a freelance writer/summer girl…I’ve grown so much here as a human.

Thanks for drawing so many cool people here with your stellar economy. We've made the best of friends from other cities, other states, and other countries because you're so international. I do appreciate you bringing down so many of my KD sorority sisters too. That was a nice touch…really made a sister feel at home. 

And even though people hate on you for being so sweaty all the time, that’s what I love most about you. Predictable warmth and sunshine; what a wonderful thing to feel every day.

I've enjoyed running along your bayou and watching you really spruce up the place. Thanks also for educating me about agriculture, gracing me with live animal births and showing me cowboy games at the rodeo.

And the food! From Baby Barnaby’s to Uchi to Mama Ninfa’s, I’ve really loved the rich variety of your cuisine and drinking every last margarita.

It’s sometimes sad to say goodbye, but I feel so hopeful about the next adventure. I couldn’t be more excited about this incredible opportunity to move to Brazil with Joe for a year!

 Olá Brasil!

Since everyone’s been asking me roughly the same questions, here’s a few FAQs for things you may also be pondering about this big move. 


1. What language do they speak there? Spanish?
They do not speak Spanish in Brazil. They speak Portuguese—which is pretty similar to Spanish. Only, I’ve decided Portuguese requires a lot more tongue/saliva movement with a lot of “GEE” sounds (try it). In this TED video, Misha Glenny tells it to you straight: “If you can speak Portuguese, you can understand Spanish. If you can speak Spanish, you can’t understand Portuguese.” And if you speak very little Spanish like myself, then you’re borderline screwed.

2. Do you know how to speak Portuguese?
That would be best case, wouldn’t it? I have been doing Pimsleur language learning tapes for a few weeks now. I can understand and respond to some of our Brazilian friends if they speak slowly, but in a room full of  Brazilians, eu não entendo nada -_- Here’s to hoping immersion rocks my world!

3. Where are you going to work?
I’ve been wondering the same thing! I plan on continuing my freelance writing projects and keeping everyone back in the states up to date on all things Rio. I would like to find a place to teach, but there’s really only so much job searching you can do in a country before you arrive, nam sayin'? So for now, we will let life happen and figure it out as we go!

4. Are you nervous?
I spent some time reading negative news articles and feeling nervous. But at some point, you get tired of speculating fear. Every person I've met that has visited has so many wonderful things to say. I can't even begin to tell you how kind the Brazilians are. The people I've reached out to have been so gracious and kind in going out of their way to help me. I am beyond excited to be there and experience all of the beautiful aspects of Brazil's culture.

5. How will people communicate with you?
I promise I'll write often! And you can Facebook me...Or iMessage me. Now accepting invitations for Skype dates too ;)

With our Brazilian friends in Houston!


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