Thursday, September 11, 2014

Brazilians are funny

As hard as I try to be Brazilian, it’s just not in the cards for me.

It would be nice to be an incognito gringo that could pass as a Carioca living another day in her native life.  But there’s something about me that looks all too American. Though I have a decently fair complexion, Rio is a diverse city with a lot of other fair sisters. I think what really gives me away is my eyes--maybe it’s the way I look at everything new around me or perhaps just the lightness.

I woke up like this (still not Brazilian)
Either way, when my shades come off my Carioca front is for sure game over. Then people start asking ‘De onde você é?’ Where are you from?

So the other day I rolled out with my sunglasses on, feeling so master in disguise as I strolled down the street. I walked past two older men as one of them said, “Uma Americana!” -_- Three cheers for trying.

These Brazilians really call it like they see it. Which reminds me of another time I got called out, by a group of boys playing futebol.

Futebol with my friends

After feeling a bit stressed about figuring out what I want to do here, I took a jog down the beach to embrace the beauty of Rio life. Like a true Carioca, I bought a coconut on my way back and walked on the shoreline. I saw a group of about 50 young people ahead, all in different circles juggling soccer balls and passing them around. It looked pretty amazing, so instead of taking a roundabout way to avoid the action, I decided to walk next to them on shore.

If you know anything about Brazilians and their beach sports, you know they take them very seriously and are very, very good at them. Especially anything that involves a futebol.

I barely got past the first circle of boys juggling when one of them kicked the soccer ball and bee lined it straight into my coconut. With immaculate precision, both the coconut and ball flew into the water. I laughed, because what else can you do when someone shoots an apple off your head?

Brazilians are funny to foreigners. They also have pretty funny pickup lines. 

Dogs at the Beach

As I sat next to the ocean yesterday and enjoyed some alone time, I noticed a man playing with his little yorkie dog near me. Next thing I know, he runs over and hands me the leash. He was speaking very fast Portuguese, kicked off his shoes and started walking away—leaving me with his dog!

 In my confusion I couldn’t find any real Portuguese words to ask questions but then he said, “Ohhh you speak English! Can you watch my dog while I go get something from my car?” Suure, I guess. The dog was pretty cute and reminded me of my own yorkie back home, so I had a mini photo shoot with Scooby Doo. What else are you supposed to do when a stranger gives you their dog? 

Then the Brazilian guy (or maybe he was a teen? He had braces) comes back with a towel and an umbrella. He put them next to my stuff—like we were friends and planned to hang out at the beach together. I was one confused American girl because who does that? I laughed at his persistence, used it as an opportunity to practice my Portuguese and told him I had to leave to meet my boyfriend. 

Talk about an awkward encounter for a girl who’s used to men who wait for your approval before they try to pick you up. Oh these Brazilians are funny. 

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